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Thank you for buying from Tharsis Art Jewelry Inspired by Space!

Each piece of hand crafted jewelry comes packaged in a gift box. Meteorite jewelry will also include information describing the origin of the meteorite.

You can pay with PayPal or a Credit Card. You will check out through Paypal, but you don't need to have a Paypal account if you wish to use your regular credit card for a purchase! Sorry, we do not accept checks or money orders.

Shipping details

Everything is shipped by USPS Priority Mail.
USA orders only.
Shipping charges MAY be reduced if ordering multiple items, depending on the quantity and weight. In the case of overages, the excess will be refunded to the buyer via PayPal.
Sorry, we don't offer rush shipping.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

- If there are any problems after you have received your order, please contact the artist right away, before you return the item.

-Returns are accepted for a full refund (LESS SHIPPING COSTS) for any reason WITHIN 30 DAYS of your having received the item, ONLY IF the item is returned in undamaged and saleable condition. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer.

- Returned Jewelry must be sent in a BOX. Please do not use mailing envelopes, padded or otherwise. Returns must be made by a trackable shipping method and insured. USPS Priority Mail is preferred.

Additional information

How to Care for you Meteorite Jewelry:
If your jewelry contains a Gibeon or Muonionalusta Meteorite, please note that these meteorites contain iron and nickel metals and therefore can rust.
Gibeons are much less susceptible to rusting than Muonionalustas. But in both cases, care for your pieces the same way as you would care for Sterling Silver jewelry to keep it from tarnishing.
Store the jewelry in an airtight bag or container, preferably the anti-tarnish type made for sterling jewelry, or include an anti-tarnish strip. A small pouch of silica gel can help keep rust-inducing humidity at bay.
If your piece should happen to show signs of rusting, it can be carefully restored. Do Not Use Silver Polish!!!
Please contact Tharsis Art Jewelry for specific instructions on how to remove rust from a meteorite.

Tharsis Art Jewelry - "Jewelry Inspired by Space"

Welcome to Tharsis Artworks Jewelry shop. Each original design is inspired by an Astronomical or Space event, and some pieces include real meteorites!